Shipping and Return Policy

All 2017 Annual Fee materials will not be shipped directly to the purchaser and may be picked up at the golf shop upon arrival. For return or refund information please refer City of Polson Refund Policy. See below for a copy of the City of Polson Refund Policy.

City of Polson Refund Policy

RESOLUTION NO. 2016-#008


WHEREAS, the Polson Golf Board has received numerous requests for refund of annual golf course use fees and seeks to establish for itself and the City a uniform process to determine when and if a refund will be made after payment by a patron;

WHEREAS, the Polson Golf Board has submitted a proposed policy for adoption and the Commission has attached the same to this Resolution;

WHEREAS, the City Manager has reviewed the submitted policy and recommended that the Commission adopt the same as written;

WHEREAS, the City of Polson deems it in the best interests of the citizens of Polson and the patrons of the golf course to adopt a comprehensive and uniform process for the review and possible refund of prepaid golf course user fees;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the attached policy for the review and potential refund of patron fees for the golf course is adopted as the policy of the City of Polson.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk is hereby instructed to file this Resolution in the City’s Book of Resolutions.

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Date of Passage: June 20, 2016

Effective Date: Immediately

Heather Knutson, Mayor

Attest:  Cora E. Pritt, Clerk


City Commission Policy

Policy Area: Polson Bay Golf Course
Subject: Refund Policy
Title of Policy: Annual Pass Refund/Rollover Policy
Policy Number: Golf – 1
Effective Date: June 20, 2016
Approved Date: June 20, 2016
Approved By: City Commission
Revision Date:

Resolution #

1. Rational or Background to Policy: This policy is has been implemented in order to establish very clear procedures and timelines to be followed by golf course personnel and the purchasers of season passes and/or annual cart rental passes when requesting a refund or roll-over of a season pass or cart rental pass.

2. Policy Statement: The following policy guidelines apply:

a. The Golf season is defined as March 1 – October 31.

b. No request for refund/roll-over will be considered after May 31.

c. Any refund/roll-over applies ONLY to Annual Golf Pass and Annual Cart Rental Pass.

d. To be eligible for refund/roll-over, only a medical condition/injury or death of the pass holder will be consideration for a refund or roll-over. A request for a medical refund or roll-over must be accompanied by a doctor’s diagnosis that precludes the individual from playing for the entire season.

e. No retroactive claims are to be considered. Effective date of this policy is upon City Commission approval.

3. Procedures: The following procedures will be followed when requesting a refund:


a. A request letter dated prior to March 1, with proof of Doctor’s diagnosis, is eligible for a full roll-over. Said roll-over applies only to the original purchaser and will only be applied to the following year’s season pass. The person is then responsible to pay any difference in the pass price between the pass purchased and the price of the pass the following year.

b. A request made between 3/1 and 5/31 will be prorated in the following manner:

– Roll-over will be prorated by a percentage of 1% daily. The difference will be credited toward the following years season pass.


– A pass holder’s letter of request is dated April 13th, which is 44 days after the season begins (3/1).

– The pass holder paid $619 for their season pass. 1% is $6.19 per day deducted from his roll-over.

– The pass holder’s credit for their next year’s season pass would be $346.64. ($619 -$272.36 ($6.19 x 44 days))

– Assuming the next year’s season pass cost is $650, then the individual would pay $650 – $346 (roll-over credit) = $303.36


a. Same request requirements as above apply. Date of death will be used rather than date of request letter, i.e., death prior to 3/1 full refund/roll-over or between 3/1-5/31 prorated.

b. Survivor(s) may receive a refund or roll-over to a named survivor at their choice.